Homemade toddler photo album

Family & Friends Book, version 1

Family & Friends Book, version 2

I made a sturdy little photo album for my daughter’s first birthday by mounting photographs on cardboard, covering them in clear Con-Tact paper, then punching holes in the edges and putting them on metal rings so she could turn the pages.

She really enjoys flipping through the album and pointing out friends and family members. Apparently it wasn’t sturdy enough, though, because by 16 months she has loved it to shreds. Tonight I made version 2.0–I mounted the photos on card stock and laminated them. This iteration feels a lot more burly, so I’m hoping it lasts.



  1. I actually have had pieces of cardboard cut out and ready to make something like this for my daughter but hadn’t gotten around to it yet. Thanks for the tip, I’ll swap to cardstock instead!

    1. Jaimie, that’s great, I hope your daughter enjoys it! I think the thing that will make this one last longer is that I laminated it with a home laminating machine. With the first version, she was able to pick apart the Con-Tact paper where the sides met and then tore the photos off of the cardboard. If your daughter is less destructive, cardboard will probably hold up fine.

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